Going to Court

Preparing for Your Court Hearing

Court hearings can be stressful. Being prepared will help relieve some of that stress. Prior to your court date, make sure our office has your current home and email address so that we can send you documents to complete and return. Provide your case manager with the following before your court hearing:

  • Completed Income & Expense Declaration
  • Three most recent paycheck stubs
  • Copy of your most recent federal tax returns*
    *If self employed include Schedule C and Profit/Loss statement
  • Child care verification, including expense receipts
  • Custodial/visitation schedule, including dates and duration


Your Court Hearing

During the hearing, a Commissioner will hear your case and reach a decision on child support.

Court hearings take place in person at Lamoreaux Justice Center, 341 The City Drive, Orange CA 92868. There are certain cases that may be heard remotely. 

For more information or questions, please contact our office at (866) 901-3212.