Establishing parentage offers every parent and child the assurance of legal rights. If not established through marriage, OC CSS offers alternative options for establishing parentage such as genetic testing and participation in the Parentage Opportunity Program (POP).

ESTABLISHMENT of Court Orders for Financial and Medical Support

Establishing an appropriate court order, including a Parenting Time Plan option, serves as the foundational step in child support enforcement and a prerequisite for collecting monetary and medical support. OC CSS files a default, stipulation, or Motion for Judgment that determines the amount of the obligation.

ENFORCEMENT of Court Orders for Support

Enforcing court ordered obligations for child support and/or medical support is accomplished through a series of specialized enforcement tools: wage withholding; liens on real and personal property; intercepting of federal and state tax refunds; denial of passports; credit cards and suspension of business, professional and driver’s licenses. As an added service, the modification process identifies when ordered terms are no longer appropriate and OC CSS will look into obtaining an appropriate order. OC CSS focuses on helping parents overcome barriers by linking them with community resources to help ensure family success.


Collecting and distributing payments is streamlined through the California State Disbursement Unit (SDU). OC CSS supports the integrity of this process by maintaining current and accurate enforcement actions, court ordered financial information and upon receipt, effective payment processing. CSS encourages customers to make timely payments through workshops, community outreach, advertisements and offers solutions for parents who may be struggling with meeting their obligation.


OC CSS - Guiding You Through The Child Support Process
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