Child Support Debt Reduction Program


Reduce your past due Child Support

Ask us about the Child Support Debt Reduction Program.

The Child Support Debt Reduction Program can help you drastically lower your pas due child support*.


How is this possible?

The Child Support Debt Reduction Program is designed to reduce your child support balance. Contact us to complete an application. Together, we will review your income and assets. You make us a reasonable payoff offer and we will review along with your application.


How can you apply?

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By Phone: (714) 347-6406

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(866) 901-3212
TTD (866) 399-4096

For more information, visit California Child Support Services’ Debt Reduction Program page.



*Only past due child support owed to the government qualifies. Past due child support is owed to the government if you missed payments while your children received public assistance (welfare).